Welcome to the Wizarr Documentation
Wizarr is a automatic user invitation system for Plex, Jellyfin and Emby. Create a unique link and share it to a user and they will automatically be invited to your media Server! They will even be guided to download the client and instructions on how to use your requests software!


  • Automatic Invitation to your Media Server (Plex, Jellyfin, Emby...)
  • Secured invitation environment
  • Plug and Play SSO Support*
  • Multi-tiered Invitations
  • Duration for membership
  • Guide user on how to download Plex client
  • Requests Integration: Guide users on how to request Movie (Jellyseerr, Overseerr & Ombi)
  • Discord Server Integration: Invite users to your Discord Server
  • Customizable: Add any Custom HTML